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Inspired Science Coaching

At Inspired Science Coaching our focus is on YOU. We help people grow in their careers, habits, and overall happiness. What is the future you are trying to create? As your trusted partner in coaching, HR innovation, and business strategy we deliver exceptional results. As the Director of Client Success and Performance, I help people succeed in ways they otherwise couldn't.

Synese Group

A small, fast-paced management consulting start-up based out of Northern California. Under my leadership, my team of global consultants was able to produce incredibly polished deliverables for our clients at stunning speeds. Initially, I found time changes annoying and difficult to deal with. However, upon learning how to leverage them, my team and I could practically get projects done overnight. I also put my design skills to use in the creation of a mobile suicide prevention app and an e-commerce platform for use in the construction industry.

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U.S. Small Business Administration

As an intern for the Office of Economic Opportunity within the SBA, my office focused on fostering entrepreneurship within developing communities via microloans, grants, and educational programs. I ran the Program for Reinvestment in Micro-Entrepreneurs (PRIME) which entailed managing eleven other analysts, checking eligibility, and reviewing judges for potential bias. By the end of the program, we granted two million dollars to well deserving entrepreneurs within developing communities. 

University of Colorado Recreation Center

As the Fitness Technician Supervisor, I was given a special task by my supervisor. We wanted to expand the Rec Center but did not know how and lacked the data to justify doing so. Using daily reports collected by staff members, I used Microsoft Excel to create dynamic pivot tables, pivot charts, and heads-up-displays showing usage, utilization, exercise choice, gender, location, and a whole host of variables. I displayed this data in an easy to digest format upon presentation and a 250,000 dollar expansion project was promptly approved. 

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Sports Authority

Starting at Sports Authority at the meager age of 16 was a great way to get job experience under my belt. Beginning as a cashier, I eventually moved up to the Cash Lead role after a year of hard work. One of my strengths was driving sales of loyalty program cards and consistently exceeding sales targets by 20 to 25%. In the Cash Lead role, more of a manager position, I calculated employee drawers and the safe before closing and upheld outstanding customer service. 




My Education


University of Colorado: Leeds School of Business

My favorite professor used to say, "You will create the cure for cancer, and you will know it works, but if the people don't know, and don't believe you, you won't sell a single unit. That's what Marketing is; the critical bridge in between people and business." 

I am a firm believer in this quote and graduated in May of 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. I am constantly fascinated by how consumers make purchasing decisions and how their perceptions about brands are formed. 



Deming Center for Entrepreneurship

In the entrepreneurship program, some of my accolades included writing business plans, building co-founding teams, and presenting in front of venture capitalists and investors. In my Business Plan Preparation course, I was able to empower my team by delegating based on team members' strengths and weaknesses. Upon being voted as the CEO, I drew the teams talent together and we created a "green gym." At this gym, local patrons would generate electricity using retrofitted fitness equipment. The energy was used to power the building and was sold back to the power grid. During this time I learned how to work with a close-knit team and direct them towards achieving a specific objective over a 5 month period. 

Technology, Arts, and Media Program

Technology is the force by which our world is driven. In the TAM program, the curriculum challenged me to think in new ways. I learned technical skills such as how to build websites, photoshop images, edit high-quality video, and create stunning logos. However, I also learned about the morality of such a technology-savvy society and how it affects our everyday lives.


My Message


The greatest works are produced when skill aligns with passion. I have a passion for marketing, business development, analytics, and driving change. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I truly provided value and changed the lives of others through my work. 

I love a challenge and believe goals achieved without effort are seldom worthwhile or lasting. I have a "go-getter" attitude and am willing to put in the work to get the job done right. When asking my friends to describe me in one word they said things like, "Follow through, committed, hard worker, and very aware of himself and others."

However, I also have a passion for learning and find myself exploring new avenues for life, work, and play regularly. I have learned so much in my 23 years of life, however, I still have so, so much more to learn, and the thought of that excites me every day. I will continue to travel, learn languages, explore the heavens, meet world leaders, and help people to the best of my abilities. 


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